Urban planning games are nothing new - the seminal Sim City title has been around since 1989 and we've probably been playing it all that time. Facebook games are a more recent phenomenon and you've probably heard of Car Town, the best of the bunch for gearheads.

"GreenSight City" looks like combining all of that into one online package.

Developed in conjunction with Daimler AG, owners of Mercedes-Benz and Smart, GreenSight City was launched at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto show on the Smart stand. Frankfurt and Smart are all about urban mobility and clean technology, and this is reflected in the game.

Your aim is to develop a "green metropolis" from a small town, attracting visitors and residents with flashy architecture and attractions.

However, you can't just keep developing without ensuring the city is a nice place to live. Sim City veterans will remember Godzilla arriving to destroy your work of urban planning art when pollution levels got too high. This doesn't quite happen in GreenSight City, but tourists will flock somewhere else if traffic and pollution becomes a problem.

Players will progress by creating an environmentally-friendly infrastructure, gaining better technology and renewable energy options as they go.

The game should be available by December 2011. It's still in development at the moment and as yet, the site is only in German - but hopefully this will change. If you can understand German, you can visit GreenSight City's preview Facebook page.