Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari F1 car at Fiorano

Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari F1 car at Fiorano

When it comes to the difference between Formula 1 race cars and normal road going cars that you and I drive, you’d think the gap between the two would be astounding.

Well, in most areas this would certainly be true. However, Shell has set out to prove that the advanced racing fuel Ferrari uses in its F1 cars doesn’t offer any real performance advantage over the regular stuff you’ll find at a Shell station.

In other words, Shell is trying to say that the fuel it sells you is just as advanced as the fuel used in the highest echelon of motorsport.

How does it set out to prove this? By getting Formula 1 ace Fernando Alonso to drive his Ferrari F1 race car around the famous Fiorano race track, once with Shell racing fuel and once with regular pump grade stuff.

Hit play now to see how the two fuels compare.