The Viper has survived a threat to its production from a supplier hiccup. [MotorAuthority]

Nissan's Leaf electric car turned some laps at Laguna Seca, winning its class. [AllCarsElectric]

Ron Howard will direct a new movie about Niki Lauda's racing career called Rush. [MotorAuthority]

The IRS is bumping the mileage rate for the vehicle allowance by 4.5 cents per mile. [TheCarConnection]

Jaguar's XF 2.2-liter diesel manages 816 miles on one tank, through four countries. Too bad it's not coming here. [MotorAuthority]

Lexus recalls the 2006-2007 RX 400h over some faulty circuits. [MotorAuthority]

The White House is pushing for a 56.2 mpg CAFE standard by 2025. [GreenCarReports]

Tires are getting more expensive and hard to find, and it's not just the little guy that's feeling the pinch. [TheCarConnection]

Gordon Murray's T25 city car gets a Y27 electric variant. [GreenCarReports]