Revealed in concept form at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the compact and dashing Alfa Romeo 4C coupe is already tagged as the brand's leader in the return to the U.S. market, but it may get some in-house competition in the form of a Maserati-branded version.

The details are still a bit sketchy, and require some translation, but the gist is this: Maserati wants its own small mid-engine two-seater, and where better to turn to than the 4C, lifted from within the Fiat corporate structure while it's still shiny and new?  The question that arises, however, is how Maserati and Alfa Romeo will sufficiently distinguish the two models to avoid stepping on each others' toes.

That said, we look forward to two Italian takes on the small, mid-engine coupe concept. Both Alfa and Maserati have proven their ability to turn out fantastic exteriors and truly gorgeous interiors, things that have, at times, been lacking in the segment, even toward the upper end.

Pair that with the 4C's largely carbon fiber construction, a 200-horsepower turbocharged 1.75-liter four-cylinder and a curb weight below 1,800 pounds and you have something of the old Lotus born into an Italian body. What could go wrong with that formula? Even better, there's an Abarth Roadster version planned that will drop the top and bring the fight to the Boxster and its cohorts as well.



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