Following on from the success of its previous ‘Explore’ app released for the Apple iPhone back in December, Aston Martin has now launched a new and updated version dubbed ‘Experience’ that comes with a few new touches.

Unlike the Explore app, which was offered for free, the new Experience will cost you a small fee of $5.99.

However, as mentioned, you get some very cool new features such as a guide to the world’s 40 most exciting cities developed in conjunction with ‘A Hedonist’s Guides, as well as the ‘Top Roads’ function, which is basically an ever expanding collection of the world’s most memorable driving routes.

The new app takes full advantage of the iPhone 4’s latest retina display as well, offering high definition images and video. Built in motion sensors also enable a telemetry functions, allowing the user to record forces acting on, and around a car; as well as lateral and forward stability during a drive.

Aston Martin Experience iPhone app

Aston Martin Experience iPhone app

Further features include a camera function that allows passengers to film their drive experience, while an on screen speedometer measures the speed of the journey and augments into the view.

A speedometer feature is also available, packing a 'launch' mode that allows you to see the speedometer race upwards and hear the sounds of your chosen Aston Martin, including the new One-77 supercar, and when on the move the user can also measure speed via GPS.

The new Aston Martin Experience app is available now via the Apple iTunes store.