The 2012 Mustang Boss is perhaps the most impressive off-the-shelf naturally-aspirated muscle car ever. But if you're looking for a little more four-ringed elegance and some forced-induction action, and can't wait for Audi to bring its latest RS models to the U.S., you can talk to the good folks at APR about a supercharged S5. Then go under 12 seconds in the quarter mile.

It's not every day you read "Audi" and "quarter mile" in the same sentence, but the video below explains just what happens when you do. Especially when that sentence includes "APR supercharger good for 11.925 seconds in the quarter at 116.89 on 93 octane pump gas." The APR Stage III supercharger kit is good for about 145 horsepower at the wheels over a stock S5's 290-ish dyno rating.

Best of all, we get several angles and takes on the run, without the annoying trendy music over the top. Just the sounds of squealing rubber and singing engine. The way it should be.

[via QuattroWorld]