Talk of Audi’s Q6, a coupe-like crossover slotting between the more conventional Q5 and Q7, dates back all the way to 2006, but official info on the vehicle never really emerged until this year when a teaser sketch of a vehicle fitting our previous description of the Q6 was shown at an investor meeting. The new vehicle was also said to be coming with an all-electric “e-tron” variant that would rival Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ:TSLA] upcoming Model X and offer a range of at least 310 miles on a single charge.

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Now, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has revealed a few more details on the vehicle. Speaking with Auto Express, Stadler said the vehicle will arrive by 2018 and that the arrival will coincide with some major developments in the area of charging infrastructure. The developments in charging infrastructure the Audi chief is referring to is the roll out of Tesla Supercharger-like rapid charging stations.

“We think the infrastructure will be sufficient in terms of supercharging,” he told the British publication, adding that the government in China, for example, is looking to install rapid charge facilities along major highways.

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In addition to the pure electric model, expect a plug-in hybrid as well as versions powered by conventional gasoline and diesel engines.

Note, Audi is also planning new high-riding models to serve as bookends to its current offerings. One will be a Q1 subcompact model that we’re not expecting in the U.S. The other will be a large, luxurious offering positioned above the Q7 and likely badged a Q8.


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