We've known for many months that the Hyundai Equus would get an iPad (perhaps even an iPad 2 now that the release of that model is looming) in the glove box, pre-loaded with the owner's manual and an app to handle service and other customer interaction. Today, Hyundai released a little detail about the background of the app.

Developed by Rage Digital, the Hyundai Equus iPad app is called "The Hyundai Equus Owner Experience," and features demonstration videos, interactive product features, and safety information--things the 1,000-page hard-copy of the manual included with every car simply can't do. How many times have you tried to figure out what the little pictogram in your car's manual really meant?

Rage Digital has done similar branded work for Pepsi, Mitsubishi, and 24 Hour Fitness, though the Hyundai Equus Owner Experience is the first app of its kind.

You can download the app even if you don't have an Equus if you're curious about the car or the app's capabilities, though the owner functionality (service scheduling, etc.) won't work, of course.