Asus Lamborghini-branded hard drive

Asus Lamborghini-branded hard drive

Car-themed IT gadgets are no rare occurrence these days, and a multitude of gadgets with luxury car themes have hit the market in recent years. The latest is from Asus, which has just launched a new Lamborghini-branded external hard drive.

Like the actual Lamborghini cars, the focus on the Asus Lamborghini hard drive is strictly on performance and style, and we have to admit that this little baby is one of the sexiest looking external hard drives we’ve seen in a while. Some special features include a USB port styled like the exhaust tip on the Lamborghini Murcielago and heat-extracting vents that resemble the car’s front air intakes.

The drive comes in two flavors--either 500 GB or 700 GB--and each can come with either 5,400 rpm USB 2.0 capabilities or 7,200 rpm USB 3.0.

Prices start at around $120 for the 500 GB model and go up to $140 for the 700 GB model.