A brand new supercar is in the works and you can bet that this one is going to sizzle as it has some very big shoes to follow, being the successor to the now legendary Pagani Zonda. Expected to make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the same event where close rival Lamborghini will be showing off its new Aventador LP700-4, the new Pagani supercar, tentatively dubbed the Huayra, has been partially revealed once again in this fourth official teaser video.

While the previous clips showed a man with a likeness to Pagani founder Horacio Pagani holding a small scale model of a car that resembled prototypes for the new supercar, going by its codename "C9", a glimpse of its lavish interior, and brief snippets of the car's details, including wheels, grille, exhaust, and dash, the latest teaser adds to the tension with cryptic descriptions and oblique sketches.

What we know already is that the new C9 will feature its own bespoke V-12 engine supplied by the official tuner of Mercedes-Benz, AMG, as well as a pair of gullwing doors, a carbon-titanium chassis and most important of all, full U.S. market homologation. Enjoy the clips below.

Pagani C9 "Huayra" Trailer 4:

Pagani C9 "Huayra" Trailer 3:

Pagani C9 Trailer 2:

Pagani C9 Trailer 1: