With Sergio Marchionne and Fiat now running the show, Chrysler and its sub-brands are rapidly working to reinvent their images. The latest in the litany of leaked plans? New slogans for Dodge and Chrysler.

At least, the slogans purport to be the real deal. They're certainly just humorous enough to be serious. Without further ado: Dodge's new slogan is said to be "Life Is Best When Driven" while Chrysler's is "Imported from Detroit."

While the Friedrich Nietzsche would be proud of the aphorism that is Dodge's slogan, it's Chrysler's that really perks our ears. A tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of Fiat's role within the company? A nod to the Lancia underpinnings being borrowed at breakneck pace? Rolled into a humorous, yet patriotic wrapper? Can this really be Chrysler?

We're not calling this one solid yet, but, for once, we like where it's headed.