As you already know, the 2011 Hyundai Equus is basically the nicest iPad case on the planet. Now it gets its own app, in the form of a virtual owner's manual, and a video showing off its multimedia glamor.

Putting printed content on the iPad is a burgeoning business at Apple's App Store, but Hyundai goes one step further, making its owner's manual not just informative, but interactive, complete with a photo and video gallery, the ability to locate a nearby dealer and schedule a service appointment, and links to Hyundai's retail website.

Hyundai even pokes fun at perceived competitor Lexus, noting that the LS's owner manual is "1,091 pages in length, just shy of the 1,225 pages in Tolstoy's 'War and Peace.'" But what does that equal in megabytes, Hyundai?

The owner's manual app isn't just for Equus owners, either: though you'll need a car to schedule appointments and the like, the rest of the features in the app can also be used by people that would just like to learn more about the car.

It's available now, for free, in the iTunes App Store.