Pontiac may be long gone but some enthusiasts have been clamoring for at least one of the brand’s cars to be rebadged and sold under another GM brand: the Australian-built Pontiac G8. Designed and constructed by GM's Holden subsidiary Down Under, the G8 had been rumored for re-branding as a Chevrolet Caprice but money troubles and strict CAFE regulations meant the plan was put on hold. Of course, this doesn't include the small number of the Holden Caprice, itself a long-wheelbase variant of the Commodore--being imported to the U.S. as the non-civilian Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV).

As for the long-rumored Chevrolet-badged G8, interest has been renewed following several hints made by some higher-ups at GM during last week’s 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Speaking with Drive, senior GM engineer Al Oppenheiser revealed that negotiations over a deal to sell the Holden Commodore--the Australian version of the Pontiac G8--as a Chevrolet sports sedan were taking place.

"We are definitely looking at that, although we have made no official announcement as yet," Oppenheiser said. "We are definitely looking at doing something with Holden for the retail market."

Oppenheiser’s words were backed up by an unnamed source that went further, revealing that the deal had already been made.

Interestingly, the Holden Commodore is already sold in certain markets wearing Chevrolet badges, such as the Middle East and South Africa, where the car is known as a Lumina.


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