Lotus is working on a crossover. Yes, the company famous for lightweight sports cars is expanding into vehicles normally found at the grocery store instead of at the track. The move is necessary to boost Lotus' financial health, and the profits generated should lead to new and better sports cars.

The new crossover, code-named the Type 132, is due for a reveal in spring 2022. Lotus has provided glimpses at the design, both the exterior and interior, in a video. The video shows elements like active shutters in the grille, an active rear wing, a large, tablet-like screen, and what appears to be a roof-mounted lidar sensor.

The Type 132 is one of four new vehicles Lotus has in the works, all of them electric. Also in the pipeline is a second crossover (Type 134), a four-door coupe (Type 133), and a sports car (Type 135).

The Type 132 (and most likely the Type 134) will be based on a modular EV platform called Evolution. A pair of dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrains are expected to be on offer, with the more powerful of these expected to deliver as much as 750 hp. And the biggest battery should have more than 100 kilowatt-hours of capacity.

China is expected to be the biggest market for the crossover, and as a result production will be handled there, specifically at a new plant under construction in the city of Wuhan. The plant will also be home to production of the second crossover and four-door coupe. Production of Lotus sports cars will remain at the company's home in Hethel, U.K. Production volumes for the Type 132 (and other models built in Wuhan) will be higher than your typical Lotus, though still limited.

After next year's launch of the Type 132, Lotus will launch the Type 133 four-door coupe in 2023 and the Type 134 crossover in 2025. Lotus will then launch the Type 135 sports car in 2026, a model that is to be twinned with an Alpine sports car. As mentioned, all the vehicles will be electric. Lotus has confirmed that the recently launched Emira sports car is its last to be fitted with an internal-combustion engine.