Like it or not, everyone is becoming vulnerable to the fuel economy regulations being established around the world. Exotic car manufacturers are generally not positioned well to achieve the required targets. Ferrari, like Porsche, must now break tradition to improve their fleet fuel economy ratings.

The ENZO's reign will end with the introduction of a hybrid drivetrain equipped supercar based on the 599 HY-KERS concept introduced in Geneva earlier this year. The concept was intended to demonstrate the company's alternative energy capabilities. Some of the technology, including the Kinetic Energy Recovery System borrowed from their F1 program (hence the "KERS" in the name). The system uses a flywheel to store energy which can be utilized later to improve acceleration performance. The new model will also include a standard battery electric hybrid drive system. This will for purely electric travel, presumably for a very short period of time.

Ferrari plans to focus on smaller, lighter cars to further improve fuel efficiency. The company's plan is to continue offering the big powerful engines they have become famous for, while focusing on developing new systems to increase efficiency. 

Maybe hybrids aren't all that bad. I'm not saying I want one, but they're quickly becoming a popular choice among designers and consumers alike. It seems like a bit of a shame to take away from (or add to) the legendary platform Ferrari has developed for any reason besides raw performance. Who will be next? Lamborghini? 

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