You walk out of the first class cabin, down the red carpet and through the airport to find your transport to your waiting five-star hotel. Why do they always stick you in the back of a 30-year-old Lincoln Towncar that looks like it's spent the better part of its life taking fares? Well, if you're headed to a Gansevoort Group hotel, rest easy: they'll be picking you up in a Porsche Panamera 4S.

If you're in New York City, that is. Both the Manhattan Meatpacking District and Park Avenue South hotels will be getting the Panamera people-movers starting August 15. Both in-town transport and VIP airport transportation are included in the stay.

"We're looking forward to transforming the perception of city driving for Gansevoort Hotel Group guests," says Detlev Von Platen, president and CEO, Porsche Cars North America. "Appreciating one of the world's greatest cities from the spacious interior of a Porsche Panamera is a great way to increase your pulse rate without adding an iota of stress."

The press release even promises some fun in the car: "With Porsche's race-bred performance on tap, guests will be whisked to their destinations as fast as New York City traffic allows – or as leisurely as they wish for a memorable, fashionably-late arrival." We're guessing "as fast as New York City traffic allows" isn't exactly going to tap into much of that race-bred performance, but we're certainly willing to give it a go next time we're in town.

The Panamera is already on its way to rivalling the Cayenne as Porsche's best-selling model, passing the 25,000-unit mark recently. With its roomy back seat, spacious trunk, and soft-to-speedy dynamics, it should find its new fleet-duty purpose suits it well.

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