BMW has already released an official teaser sketch of its upcoming Megacity Vehicle (MCV), and even a gallery of the carbon fiber unibody. But so far, it hasn't been easy to get a feel for what the little car might look like in the CFRP flesh. Problem solved--these renderings give a good look at what to expect.

The MCV will be a zero tailpipe-emissions car intended for urban use. Lightweight, electric-powered, and seating four, it could be emininently practical as well as super clean--and just a wee bit sporty, thanks to its 134-horsepower electric motor. It definitely looks the part--though it hardly looks like a traditional BMW.

There are some modern cues--the (flattened) kidney grille and the rocker panel flare, a la the 1-Series. But the vehicle otherwise looks almost completely un-BMW-like. There's no Hofmeister kink, there's no long hood, and there's definitely no corporate face. This makes sense, however, as the vehicle is not expected to be branded as a BMW at all, but as a third sub-brand beyond BMW and MINI.

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