Swiss tuner Sportec has announced details of its latest incarnation, based on the Porsche 911 Turbo. While the picture may make it seem more like a bodykit job than anything else, there are actually some stunning mods under the skin that turn the already fiery 911 Turbo into a fire-breathing dragon.

Chief among these changes is a special Sportec turbocharger and sports-exhaust system which lifts output to 858 horsepower when combined with high-performance catalysts and increased air flow to the powertrain. The Sportec engineers have also thrown in a sports-clutch and will personally reprogram each customer's electronic system to deal with the new adjustments.

The modifications don’t just consist of turning up the boost dial. Sportec’s engineers have also installed titanium connecting rods, a flat carbon fiber under floor, active suspension and F1 style ceramic brake discs. Additionally, use of composite (carbon / Kevlar) body panels, forged alloy wheels, and an integrated safety cage allow the modified Porsche to be lighter, safer and more dynamic than other cars in its class. The car’s final kerb weight comes in at just 2,855 pounds.

In addition, Sportec has added a driver adjustable traction control system, managed via a touch screen mounted in the centre console. This unit also doubles as a vehicle data logger and lap timer, which also allows owners to monitor key engine data in real time.

All these changes give the Sportec SPR1R a rather quick jaunt to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds flat and a top speed of 236 mph.

As for the bodykit, most of the stuff is optional so if you want to maintain a more discreet appearance you are by all means able to do so. But if you really want everyone to know that you're not driving around in any ordinary 911 Turbo, you can opt for custom 20 inch forged rims, a front spoiler, side-skirts, a three-part rear apron, and a large carbon rear wing.