Looking for something rare and unique?  Ever wonder what it's like to drive an open wheel race car?  Now might be a good time to make a deposit on a Hulme CanAm Supercar.  The New Zealand company has announced that it will produce a quantity of 20 Hulme Supercars for purchase on a first come, first served basis.

Giving homage to New Zealand's only F1 champion, Denny Hulme, the CanAm Supercar targets those looking for a thrill on and off the track.  The open-wheel race car is built in supercar fashion with a mid-mounted, high-power V8 and carbon composite construction.  The £295,000 price tag leaves no doubt that this is a truely exotic car.

Since introducing the concept back in 2006, the company has conducted extensive research to predict the success of a production run.  Their efforts have led them to the decision to make 20 examples of the open top 2-seater available for sale to the public.  A deposit of £10,000 will get you an official spot in line to own one of these rare cars.  The deposit is refundable, should you get cold feet.  Since only 20 will be made available, so grab your checkbook and go make an impulse buy - instant collector's item!

Each one will be hand-built exactly as the customer wants it.  Included in the purchase are an exact 1/8 replica of the actual model, a certificate of authenticity, and photographic documentation of the vehicle's construction.  Hulme Supercars will fly customers to New Zealand in style and comfort, providing lodging for the week of final fitting and test driving.  Delivery will begin late next year.

There is an obvious New Zealand pride embedded in the Hulme Supercar company.  The CanAm is a testament to the nation's technical capabilities and role in F1 history.  For more on their background, as well as specs and information on buying your own CanAm Supercar, check out Hulme's website.  Like, right now.  I'm serious, there are only 20 of these things!