Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept

Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept

We've been waiting--patiently, if somewhat eagerly--for the rebirth of Toyota's sporting heritage in the form of the FT-86. Unfortunately the latest reports say the car will be delayed as late as 2013 to undergo a design change.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Just three months ago, the Web broke into a text-fight over whether the FT-86 would be facing a significant design change--reports flew both ways. It looks like the doomsayers for the 2011 release of the FT-86 won out in the end, though we'll have to wait for official confirmation to declare the winner by decision.

Previous pish-poshing of the design change rumors had come from as high as Jaromir Cech, the project's lead designer, who told Autocar in February that some minor features would change to comply with pedestrian and other safety regulations, but that the core design would remain intact. Apparently things have gone downhill from there, as the latest word is that Toyota wants to better time the car's release for a more robust market, and due to the later launch, will need a fresher face.

We'd rather see Toyota do the FT-86 right and have it succeed than have it a couple years earlier, but we'd rather see something--anything--with a sould come out of the company that once built the AE-86, the Supra, the MR-2 and the MR-2 Spyder. Not to mention the 2000GT.