The Bugatti Veyron, an all-star of the supercar world may soon get a healthy power boost.

At roughly 1000hp, I wouldn't exactly say the current Veyron lacks motivation.  Even so, Bugatti apparently plans to boost this impressive figure by 200hp.

I can only speculate that the increased engine power will serve to increase top speed and shrink the vehicle's 0-60.  Wait a minute.  We're talking about a car with OVER 1000 horsepower, capable of a top speed well beyond 200mph.  Who really cares how fast it can get to a measly 60mph?  It's not so uncommon for supercars to propel themselves beyond 200mph at this point, so why not be the one to get there the quickest right?  Like I said, it's all speculation for now.

Dates, prices, and basically all other details are unknown at this point.  All we have to keep us in suspense is a brief mention of the vehicle's future by Ferdinand Piëch, during a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

Just to put things in perspective, my little Jetta 2.0T has right around 200hp.  Total.  For a daily driver it's got a nice bit of zip to it.  You might not think 200hp on top of 1000 would seem like a lot, but I'm thinking it's going to make a very noticeable difference.  Hopefully the added horsepower isn't compensation for added weight.  With even minor additional improvements to aerodynamics or weight reduction, this new "Super Veyron", as it's being called, could be a real screamer!