Volkswagen in the summer unveiled a new generation of its Polo subcompact. The most potent model is the Polo GTI with 197 horsepower on tap, but an even spicier Polo R has not been ruled out.

The German automaker unveiled a prototype Polo R in 2014. The car was based on the previous-generation Polo platform and had about 250 hp. It also had an all-wheel-drive system.

Several years on and the car is still no closer to production, Autocar reports. Insiders have revealed to the British publication that the production green light is yet to be given.

One likely reason is concern the car will be stepping on the toes of the Golf GTI and perhaps even the Golf R. Another is the fact VW is no longer fielding the Polo in the World Rally Championship, so there isn't a rally monster anymore to link a Polo R with.

It's possible also that resources are tied to development of a  T-Roc R, which makes more sense given the demand for SUVs and the premiums the body style attracts.

Regardless of whether we see a Polo R or not, the car won't reach the United States as VW has no plans to bring its subcompact here. Instead, we will receive a subcompact SUV likely based on 2016's T-Cross Breeze concept.