2009 Audi A6 Premium

2009 Audi A6 Premium

Twelve things we know for sure:

1) Zac Efron's million-dollar, teen-idol tuches has found a new resting place in an Audi A6, as we see in the photo linked below.

2) Given Zac's previous appearance in an Audi A5, we're not sure this is an upgrade.

3)  In fact, it seems a little weird.

4) Zac seems to feel the weirdness: check the look on his face.

5) Although the cop hovering over him may actually be what's making Zac so queasy.

6) That cop looks kind of like Billy Bob Thornton from the back.

7) We haven't heard much out of Billy Bob since his split from Ms. Jolie.

8) Just sayin'. Times are tough. The rent ain't gonna pay itself.

9) Back to Zac: if you are a high-profile Hollywood star, you should probably avoid making illegal left turns.

10) That goes double if you're in front of Fred Segal, because that's where paparazzi come from.

11) That goes triple if you're in a sedan.

12) Seriously, that has to be his mom's car. Let's assume it's his mom's car, okay?