Remember when we spotted Kellan Lutz scooting around town in an Infiniti G35? Remember how impressed we were that he hadn't fallen in with the G-Wagen crowd, or the Bentley crowd, or the SLK crowd? Well, we have some bad news: he's fallen in with the Audi crowd, which is, as everyone knows, the new Range Rover crowd. (We know: it's hard to keep up. Don't worry, though. We're here for you.)

Anywhatsit, here's the evidence at the link below: K-Lutz working the pumps beside his 2010 Audi A5, snacking on some low-carb, reduced-fat, ginseng-enhanced elderberries or whatever they're feeding Young Hollywood these days to keep them on track. We wish they'd feed him some Clairol #5 in chestnut brown, but you know, you can't have everything.