Toyota RAV4 facelift for the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota RAV4 facelift for the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota is no doubt stuck in the midst of one of the worst recall/public relations media storms in recent memory, but that's not deterring the company from its product plans. The 2010 Geneva Motor Show, coming up at the beginning of March, will host the reveal of the freshened RAV4, seen here in the first official photo.

The preview comes with precious little other info, which we're betting means there won't be a lot in the way of new features for the RAV4, though we expect some fresh tech features and a slightly revised selection of exterior colors and interior schemes.

One interesting thing to note in the model previewed in the photo above is that it's a D-CAT model, the Diesel Clean Advanced Technology version that we don't get here in the U.S. Between that and the fact that the vehicle is being debuted at Geneva, U.S. buyers may expect some slight differences between what's seen here and what shows up on showroom floors later this year.

There are no known plans for a diesel RAV4 here in the U.S., but Toyota does hint at some upgrades to the entire powertrain lineup that will enable it to be the "cleanest ... in the compact SUV segment."

The new RAV4 gets the full reveal on Tuesday, March 4.