Either Justin Timberlake is working overtime, or there's a freak fascination with Audi in Hollywoodland. We've seen countless celebs, celebutantes, and celebutards cruising the streets in various models, and now, for the second day in a row, we've spotted an LA lady climbing into an Audi A5. This time, it's none other than Jennifer Garner, devoted lifepartner to Ben Affleck. (We're sorry for the unflattering angle. We're sure she is, too.)

As you can plainly see, being Baffleck's bedmate has its drawbacks. While he's getting baked on the Jennifer Convertible (note to self: use that for a future pun), you're stuck cleaning the house, paying the bills, and generally bringing in enough bacon to keep Benny and his posse (you totally know he's got a posse -- and that he calls them that) up to their eyeballs in Corona and Cool Ranch Doritos. Meanwhile, you barely have enough time to keep the ashtrays clean, much less apply foundation.

On the upside, all that work means you won't feel too bad borrowing Ben's clothes to take the kids to ballet or the veterinarian or wherever people take small animals these days.