Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Sometimes, celebrity car photos are like drunks at a frat party: they say more than you might've expected, and you walk away a changed person -- sometimes for the better, and, well, sometimes not.

Take, for example, this shot of Justin Timberlake, prepping for an exhilarating morning of golf as he pulls his clubs from the trunk of his Audi A5.

Okay, now go back and read that sentence again. Does it seem slightly surreal? Like the sort of thing you're reading, but you're not ACTUALLY sure you're reading? Allow us, as the kids say, to break it down:

First, it's Justin Timberlake -- arguably one of the biggest pop stars/fashion designers on the planet -- and there's no one around him. No assistant, not a caddy, not even a gopher. That's weird.

Second, JT plays golf. Sure, he's a Southern boy, but we had no idea he was THAT Southern. (NB: That said, he's still not Southern enough to wear golf cleats.)

Third, JT rolls in an Audi A5. It was a weird choice for Katy Perry, and it's doubly so for Timberlake. Not that there's anything wrong with an A5 -- we have nothing but respect for 'em, quite frankly -- but we're always a bit surprised when the Young and Moneyed opt for cars that might also appeal to the 'rents.  If you'd asked us yesterday what JT drove, we might've guessed an R8 -- you know, something in the John Mayer school of automobilery -- but the A5 wouldn't have even made the top 10.

So yeah, there's all that AND the fact that he's rumored to be playing Boo Boo in the upcoming Yogi Bear flick -- with none other than our fave FJ Cruiser-driving blonde, Ms. Anna Faris. Our minds have officially been blown.