It's been almost four years since James Glickenhaus commissioned his custom Pininfarina-penned Ferrari Enzo-based P4/5, but the excitement has begun to build back up to a head after a cryptic message on an enthusiast forum hinting at a possible endurance racer based on the car. Today a new rendering of what the car might look like from Michiel Van Den Brink has surfaced.

Glickenhaus himself posted to a forum in late September, saying simply, "I am seriously investigating a proposal to make P 4/5 Competizione and enter her in a major 24 hour race. There are a LOT of stars that would have to align for this to happen but it's not impossible..."

That teaser was then followed up by a hint that the car could show up with a "serious effort at a major race" with a "chance to do well." That narrows the possibilities of endurance races somewhat, including the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring.

Featured in the thread is a rendering of what a racing P4/5 might look like, also created by Michiel Van Den Brink, a small version of which is included here. The blue livery on the car in that image is an homage to the legendary North American Racing Team, or NART, used to promote Ferrari endurance racing in the U.S. between 1958 and 1982.

The information and discussion is buried in a nearly 300-page forum thread over at FerrariChat, but the magic starts at around page 285 if you want to have a read for yourself. For the latest discussion, there's a newer 15-page thread also at FerrariChat here.


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