Acura and Lexus aren't the brands you'd normally think of when you think of Ford's competition, but those are exactly the targets of Ford's latest ad campaign for the new 2010 Taurus. Featuring a series of torture tests, the ads try to convey the level of quality and value offered by the big American sedan.

One ad depicts an interior quietness test, with a roaring jet-powered dragster between the 2010 Taurus and the 2009 Acura RL. Ford claims the Taurus is 5% quieter.

Another ad shows the Lexus LS460 and the Taurus following a gravel truck. The hail of stones badly chips both cars' paint jobs, but the superior protection offered by the high-tech paint job on the Taurus shows visible proof of the attention to detail paid by Ford for its new powerhouse sedan.

Lexus and Acura responded with some confusion as to the purpose of the commercials, noting the different target markets of each vehicle, according to The Detroit News. That misses the point of the value comparison - something Taurus buyers are likely going to be quick to pick up on.

The ads are rolling out now, but you can catch the gravel truck ad below, or the jet-dragster quietness test here.

2010 Ford Taurus Gravel Truck Ad