The folks over at Caparo are well known for their totally impractical but still mesmerizing F1-car-for-the-road, the T1 supercar. Now the company is offering 32 lucky drivers the opportunity to race these vehicles in a special one-make Caparo T1 racing series.

Details are still emerging, but for now it appears that there will be two race series held specifically for the Caparo T1 next year - one series will be for professional drivers and will consist of ten races held in different racing venues around the UK, while the second series will be for amateurs and will likely consist of just six races.

The racing series won't simply use ordinary Caparo T1s, however, even though the car’s racing intentions are fairly clear in its design. EVO reports that the Caparo T1s used will have their passenger seat removed, the front end modified and the engine detuned. In fact, while Caparo will be happy to let its customers loose with a 615hp (459kW) 3.5L V8 on public roads, on the race track it will only let drivers use a 470hp (350kW) version.

For drivers considering joining the series, testing for the cars will begin in July and punters will have to pay £3,500 ($5,570) for every 100 miles of testing - certainly not a cheap thrill, but considering that it should provide a similar experience to racing an F1 or F2 car, customers won't be able to complain too much.