The high-performance SUV is something of an oxymoron at first blush, but anyone that's taken the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Mercedes Benz ML-Class AMG knows it's possible. Gemballa takes the concept to the next level, dropping over 550lb (250kg) from the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and boosting power to 740hp (552kW).

The weight savings are perhaps the most welcome change to the highly tuned SUV, since most tuner kits add weight through more elaborate interiors and bulkier aero packages. Slashing over 550lbs of weight from the vehicle while bringing a full Alcantara and carbon-fiber interior to the table is an impressive feat, and a serious improvement over the stock vehicle and even its own limited-edition Tornado GTS.

Power is the real story here, however, with over 750 horses straining to break out from under the hood. The twin-turbo V8 cranks out a massive 740hp (552kW) or 750 metric horsepower - hence the name. Torque tops out at 775lb-ft (1,050Nm), and that's enough grunt to scoot the big - but now relatively light - vehicle to 62mph (100km/h) in just 4.3 seconds. That's near-supercar territory, as is the 186mph (300km/h) top speed.

Keeping the shiny side up is a custom supsension that allows the ride height to be adjustable by 70mm, suiting purpose and conditions with ease. Big 22x12in wheels at all four corners wrapped in 335/25 aspect tires helps keep the power and momentum under control. When the whole show needs to come to a stop, a set of six-piston brakes paired with 420mm discs up front and 380mm discs out back provide ample capacity.

The end result is impressive in every respect, including its impact on your wallet. Only 50 of the special-edition Tornado 750 GTS Cayenne Turbos will be built, at a price of €400,000 ($521,880) - yet another way that the Tornado delves into supercar territory.