Italy's place in the automotive design business is legendary, inspiring passion for cars in generations of people all around the world via cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia and Alfa Romeo and more. Both Pininfarina and Bertone have spent time at the leading edge of design, and Jason Castriota, a former Pininfarina designer, has taken a position as design director at Stile Bertone, weaving the history of the two companies closer, and opening new doors for Bertone.

Castriota left Pininfarina just before the Paris Motor Show in September, and had originally planned to open his own design studio. Bertone, however, lured him away from that path, reports CarDesignNews.

"I was convinced I would set up my own consultancy and be free and elastic. But they made me an offer I couldn't refuse," said Castriota. "At the end of the day it's great to follow in the footsteps of some of the greats in automotive design."

Bertone and Castriota hope to grow the company in the consultancy segment, offering a boutique service to the top of the market.

Bertone revealed its striking retro-futurist B.A.T. 11 concept during the Geneva Motor Show, though not on the actual show grounds due to financial constraints. In fact, the business had been on the brink of bankruptcy, but has since turned things around. Now, with the hire of Castriota and a mission to expand into consultancy for other carmakers, the design shop's future is looking bright.