In some welcome news, the Nürburgring’s operator Capricorn has confirmed it will be making moves to remove the speed limits it imposed on certain sections of the track last June. The speed limits, which effectively ended the possibility of challenging the Nürburgring-Nordschleife lap records, were imposed following a crash last March that resulted in the death of a spectator.

Capricorn confirmed that the speed limits will be removed as of 2016, following some modifications aimed at making the track safer for both competitors and those watching on. Key modifications will include the installation of additional safety fences and guardrails, new restricted zones, and repaving of the track surface at the notorious Flugplatz section where March’s fatal accident occurred.

Work on the modifications will begin in November, with seven of the planned 16 measures to be completed before the start of the 2016 motorsport season.

“Safety on the Nordschleife during races, but also during test drives of the industry and during tourist ride sessions, is our highest priority,” Capricorn managing director Carsten Schumacher said at a meeting on Monday held with key industry partners, including the DMSB, Germany’s motorsport governing body.

“The unique character of the Nordschleife will be preserved—that’s not only important for motor racing but also for the industry, which has been testing its vehicles on this unique race track for decades, he added”

Porsche’s 918 Spyder currently holds the production car lap record of 6:57 but Koenigsegg is keen to beat the time using its One:1 supercar, though you could hardly call the One:1 a production car since just seven examples have been built in total.


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