This can’t be true; Hyundai worth more than Porsche? In terms of brand value, the Korean automaker’s label is worth $4.1 billion, beating the German brand which stands at $3.9 billion. Thanks to the increased levels of quality across Hyundai’s models, the company is now one of the world’s leading brands and ranked as the 75th most valuable brand according to the 2006 Best Global Brands survey jointly conducted by Interbrand. Last year it ranked 84th.

Hyundai is now the sixth-largest automotive manufacturer in the world and sold a total of sold 3.7 million vehicles last year. There once was a time when buying a Korean-made car meant having to worry about constant breakdowns or driving a car whose handling is reminiscent of driving a barge. Today, Hyundai is matching, and in some cases beating, its arch rival Japan in terms or reliability and quality.

Other manufacturers included Toyota which was ranked first at $27.9 billion and followed by Mercedes-Benz at $21.9 billion.

The top ten valued automotive brands:

1. Toyota - $27.9 Billion
2. Mercedes Benz - $21.9 Billion
3. BMW - $19.6 Billion
4. Honda - $17 Billion
5. Ford - $11 Billion
6. Volkswagen - $6 Billion
7. Audi - $4.2 Billion
8. Hyundai - $4.1 Billion
9. Porsche - $3.9 Billion
10. Nissan, Lexus - $3.1 Billion