On October 28th Bugatti will begin its attempt to get the Veyron recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's fastest production car. The attempt will take place at the Ehra Lessien test track located near Wolfsburg, Germany, and owned by Volkswagen. It kas an unbroken straight of 9.0 kilometers that should allow the Veyron to stretch its legs and reach maximum speed.

Unofficially, the Veyron has already reached 253 mph on this surface, so Volkswagen is fairly confident it can do the same under official observation. Currently, the Guinness World Record holder for speed in a production vehicle is the 245-mph, 806-horsepower Koenigsegg CCR. The Veyron already has the record for most powerful production car.

It's surprising that Bugatti hasn't tried to get the official record until now, especially when Koenigsegg's new CCX, with a theoretical top speed of 258 mph, is doing the rounds.

News of the attempt was released by Castrol, which will be partnering with Bugatti during the test.


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