Jay Leno is a huge fan of Brough Superior. In fact, he has a room in his expansive garage complex dedicated to the historic British motorcycle brand.

The collection includes numerous models, including potentially the oldest surviving example, a 90 Bore, as well as giant, hand-painted recreations of original Brough Superior newspaper and magazine ads.

For readers unfamiliar with Brough Superior, it was established by George Brough in 1919 and lasted until 1940 in its original form. It was revived in 2008 and just last year launched a motorcycle co-developed with Aston Martin.

2020 AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior

2020 AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior

The original Brough Superiors were described back in the day as the Rolls-Royces of motorcycles, not only because of their high regard but also their high prices, which Leno in this latest episode of “Jay Leno's Garage” said were comparable with house prices.

Just over 3,000 were built, with a handful owned by T. E. Lawrence, best known as Lawrence of Arabia. He actually died after suffering a crash on one of the motorcycles. That was back in 1935.

Go ahead and click play to learn more about this fascinating brand and see Leno take a 1934 1150, complete with sidecar, out on the road.