When it comes to big luxury saloons, our favorite has always been the Quattroporte. Not because it’s got the most gadgets or it’s the most expensive, but because it’s incredibly fun to drive and feels more special than the usual German sedans.

The only major problem is the DuoSelect gearbox, which is so bad it almost overshadows the achievements of the rest of the car. That’s why Maserati has chosen to launch the Quattroporte Automatic, which uses the tried and tested ZF six-speed automatic gearbox.

The new transmission system should ensure fluid gear changes, while still being able to handle the Quattroporte’s powerful engine. Its addition changes the weight distribution of the Quattroporte slightly, from 47/53 to 49/51, but this should be barely noticeable on the roads. Maserati will show the Quattroporte Automatic at the Detroit Motor Show, and deliveries begin in January.


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