Fiat is considering legal action against Great Wall Motors over the new Peri minicar, which has door structures that look almost exactly the same as those on Fiat’s Panda. Any carmaker will tell you that doors are one of the most expensive parts of a car to produce, so any copying could save a company millions in development costs. What makes this story stranger is that Great Wall is planning on exporting the Peri to Italy to be sold head-to-head against the car it’s supposed to be copying, reports Auto News. The legal action may depend on whether Great Wall actually decides to begin exporting the Peri to Europe. At the moment it's only being sold in China.

Fiat isn’t the only automaker Great Wall has been accused of copying. Two of their models bear a striking resemblance to the Scion xA and xB vehicles. You can take a look at Great Wall’s Scion copycats by clicking here.