Ford will be making sedan and estate versions of the Mustang when it gets an all-new replacement in 2011. Ford wants to utilise the Mustang brand to go further than just a simple performance coupe and offer a complete line of high-performance products, reports Automotive News. Some experts claim the Mustang brand is even better than Ford's own brand, and carries none of the bad connotations usually associated with Ford vehicles.

We reported yesterday that a new Lincoln model was likely to use a platform built by Ford Australia, and the new Mustang is also expected to use the same platform. Ford Australia’s current platform, though being much older than Holden’s brand new billion-dollar VE platform, is still a very worthy competitor to the new models from Holden, and speaks volumes for the quality of vehicles they produce. Ford Australia also has a tuning arm called FPV that could help in the development for the next Mustang.

GM's new Camaro will follow almost exactly the same development phase, with Holden supplying the platform and helping out with dynamics. The only difference will be that the Camaro is coming much sooner and will be built in Canada.

Though the move to create sedan and estate models would surely dilute the Mustang brand, Ford's current financial position doesn't afford it the luxury to ignore this opportunity. We just hope they don't go too far with the different versions.

Finally, every artist’s rendition we’ve seen of the next-gen Mustang makes it look a lot like the Guigiaro Mustang (pictured above) shown at the recent L.A. Auto Show. In our books, that’s a good thing.