Famous Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] tuner Roush has unveiled its European-spec performance pack for the Ford GT. To mark the end of production for the retro supercar, Roush set out to create an exclusive series of engine upgrades as well as unique interior and exterior styling treatments.

The vehicle was designed and assembled at Roush’s Brentwood technical center in the United Kingdom and is only available through a single dealer in Surrey. Worse still, only ten 600RE versions are expected to be built.

The limited edition pack includes an upgraded supercharger pulley system and a high-flow Tubi exhaust, which together boosts power and torque levels above those of the standard car and improves acceleration figures. Visual enhancements to the modified GT’s exterior include the black powder-coated wheels and tinted glass, while inside the car gets a uniquely numbered Roush build plate and an optional four-point harness.


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