After spending roughly €400 million on developing the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Volkswagen AG may finally decide to get its money's worth, or at least as close to it as they can get. With an individual development cost of around US$5 million per car and a price tag of 'only' $1.3 million, it seems that Bugatti really have undersold themselves, and don't they know it.

Producing up to a maximum of only 300 cars, Bugatti may be hoping to recoup some of their lost funds with the introduction of another model. Sources suggest that Bugatti management is currently debating whether to build a car that would slot in underneath the Veyron and would cost half the price. Previous plans were nixed by VW CEO Martin Winterkorn but they may now be back on the table, according to Automotive News.

Rumors have also been thrown around about a convertible version, the Veyron Spider, which can be read here. Bugatti claims the Veyron 16.4 is the world's fastest street-legal production sports car, with a top speed of 252mph, but is yet to officially hold the record.