Lotus is probably in the best financial position it’s been in for years, with its debts about to be cleared and production at full capacity focus now turns to what’s in-store for the future. In a recent interview with EVO, Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley spilled the beans on the future plans for the niche sports carmaker from Norfolk. Of special interest, Kimberley revealed that not only will there be a replacement for the mid-engined Esprit in 2009 but an all-new 2+2 GT coupe will be launched at the London Motor Show next year.

Codenamed Project Eagle, the new 2+2 will be positioned between the Elise/Exige range and the new Esprit. The car’s body will be constructed from a bonded aluminum tub and fiberglass composite body with most of the chassis being designed with all new components. There’s no word on what will be powering the new coupe but the smart money is on a new 3.2L V6 sourced from Toyota with an available 300hp.

As for the next-gen Esprit, the only details Kimberley was willing to give up was that the car is being developed with a “a very well respected prestige carmaker.” Most are predicting it'll be powered by a BMW-sourced V8 engine but a recent tie-up with Aston Martin could mean the Vantage V8’s mill could be the engine of choice. It seems previous plans to build a front-engine RWD coupe and a crossover are not to be.

Click here to see spy-shots of the new Esprit or here to read the full interview.


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