The quality of Mercedes-Benz has undoubtedly dropped over the years, a fact the carmaker has admitted to, and only recently has it been brought back to a level one would expect from a car wearing the Three Pointed Star. With Chrysler now cut loose, the emphasis on improving quality levels is of top priority at Mercedes says its sales and marketing Chief Dr Klaus Maier.

Many have suggested that a loss of focus and parts sharing with Chrysler following its acquisition back in the mid-1990s were the reasons behind the drop but, according to Maier, it was Mercedes’ own mistakes and quality assurance problems that lead to its decline. “It had nothing to do with Chrysler,” Maier revealed to GoAuto.

Not surprisingly, Mercedes will attempt to maintain many of its ties with Chrysler including the behind-the-scenes cost savings and streamlining that was gained through synergies after the merger.

Product and technology is not the only aspects where Mercedes wants to be a quality leader. Service quality is one area where Mercedes admits it’s lacking in, especially compared with Lexus, which is currently dominating the U.S. luxury market. Numerous reports about poor service at Mercedes dealerships around the world have caused the company to revamp its dealer training systems, however the jury is still out as to whether Mercedes will ever return to its former glory.