McLaren only has one hybrid in its lineup, the flagship P1, but its CEO Mike Flewitt believes there’ll be many more introduced over the next decade as the cost and weight of the technology are further reduced. In fact, the CEO is so bullish on hybrid tech that he hopes to have at least 50 percent of McLaren’s lineup go the hybrid route in less than 10 years.

“I have said in 10 years I expect half of our cars to be hybrids but I actually think it will be faster,” Flewitt told British publication Auto Express. “Will we put that on all vehicles? If I could get the cost and weight right I absolutely would.”

One of the new hybrid models, Flewitt revealed, could be a supercar filling the void between the 657LT and P1, and forming part of the exclusive Ultimate Series (currently P1 and P1 GTR only). It will be priced from about £400,000 (approximately $630,000) and feature a “different focus” to the P1. The car is currently referred to internally as the P15.

But before the P15 is launched, McLaren has plans to expand its entry-level Sports Series range. We’ve already seen the 540C and 570S coupes, and next year we’re likely to see a new, more practical (think extra storage) bodystyle introduced. A convertible is also planned but isn’t due until 2017.


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