Porsche’s momentum in the sales race shows no sign of slowing and with the introduction of several all new models on the way the once exclusive sports car brand is on the road to becoming mainstream. The carmaker has exceeded its sales estimates for the last financial year yet again, this time managing to post a 19% increase in sales for the past six months and revenues of $5.1 billion.

Top seller once again is the Cayenne SUV, which thanks to a recent facelift saw sales double to 46,600 units in just six months. Vehicle sales in the important U.S. and German markets were slower than in other regions, growing by 11% and 4% percent respectively. In other regions, unit sales rose more than 28%, reports Automotive News.

Porsche has been criticized in recent times for losing its exclusivity and introducing models that aren’t in line with its core values. Despite this Porsche seems intent on expanding into even more segments and it looks like it can expect even more record sales figures for years to come.