Alfa Romeo’s new Mi.To hatch was only unveiled last week but already attention has turned to a rumored new cabrio variant. Pictured here is an artist’s impression of the droptop that’s tipped to go on sale in the first half of next year, just in time for the northern summer.

The car’s compact size and low cost means it’ll make do with a manual folding soft-top and will be limited to carrying just two adults (the back seats are only for small children). Slightly revised styling will most likely be handled by one of Italy’s famed design houses but thankfully most of the lines from the stylish hardtop appear to carry over untouched.

Expect to see the same engine lineup as found in the hatch. This means there will be a range of engine options starting with a base 95hp 1.4L petrol model, followed by a turbocharged Multiair 1.4L unit and 1.6L turbodiesel developing 140hp and 120hp respectively. A performance GTA model could also be launched, which could get a high-output 1.8L turbo petrol engine cranking out 230hp through Alfa’s Q2 FWD torque vectoring system.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mi.To cabrio renderings

2009 Alfa Romeo Mi.To