Ford and its motorsports division have launched a new website aimed at connecting performance enthusiasts with the scores of enthusiast clubs around the world as well as providing a forum for the latest information on aftermarket accessories. The site is also geared up to get enthusiasts from all walks of life, including past, present and future fans, to interact with each other.

Regular updates include information about Ford-based clubs and members, new events and products as well as archived details including history information and images on hundreds of past Fords. The site will also be used to drop-feed information about future models and products including the launch of the next-generation Mustang.

There’s also contact information for the Ford Performance Info Center, which provides club referrals and event information for Ford sponsored events and staff are even available to answer questions on a variety of performance products.

A handful of clubs have already allied themselves with the site and plans are already in place to expand the program to include more enthusiast vehicle clubs, including those for the Mustang Mach 1, SVO and Pace Cars, as well as the Mercury Marauder and Taurus SHO, just to name a few.

Head over to the site now to check out what all the fuss is about.