We’ve already seen Opel expand its Insignia lineup with the Hatchback and Sports Tourer, as well as the more recent OPC performance variant, but there’s one more model in the works that’s destined to be the most exciting and extreme. The model in question is a new coupe variant based on 2007’s stunning Gran Turismo Coupe (GTC) concept car.

This computer generated rendering gives us a good indication as to what the new model will likely look like, suggesting the dramatic styling of the original GTC concept will be toned down significantly. Don’t despair, as some of the concept’s aggression will be reserved for a high-performance OPC version of the Insignia Coupe packing the same 325hp (242kW) turbocharged 2.8L V6 engine as the Sedan.

Another cool feature will be Opel’s new ‘HiPerStrut’ (High Performance Strut) front suspension system, as well as an electronic limited slip differential. The HiPerStrut system will be unique to the OPC model and serves two primary functions: firstly, to reduce torque-steer, but also to maintain negative camber during cornering, thereby improving grip levels in wet or dry conditions.

Lesser models will borrow other powerplants from the Insignia range, including four-cylinder and V6 options. Diesel engines may also be offered, as well as an EcoFLEX version, though this latter option is unlikely to make production due to low demand.

Given its current ‘sale’ status, Opel’s priorities right now lie in finding a suitable buyer for the brand but once the dust settles work on the new Insignia Coupe will continue. Expect its launch to fall late in 2011 or early 2012.