Caparo is set to make its first ever appearance at the 24 hours of Le Mans this year, after signing a partnering agreement with the Barazi Epsilon team. The team will be competing in the LMP2 category and will provide Caparo with the opportunity to develop lightweight structures and components to further develop its T1 road car and future projects.

The Barazi Epsilon entry is the 07S chassis with which the team won the LMP2 class at both Silverstone and Interlagos last season. The car will be driven by Juan Barazi, Michael Vergers and team newcomer, Stuart Moseley, who will be competing in his third consecutive Le Mans 24 hours.

Though the 07S chassis and the T1 road car share little in common, Caparo will be able to gain valuable feedback that it can use to improve its design. It’s well documented that the T1 has some serious overheating issues, even catching on fire when it aired on an episode of Fifth Gear (video embedded below).

Team Barazi Epsilon will also benefit from its new partnership with Caparo. The lightweight component specialist allowed the team to reduce the race car’s weight below the minimum weight regulations, giving vehicle designers the flexibility to redistribute additional ballast in areas which will help the overall handling and performance.