With Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set to star in a new show at a rival broadcaster, it means the BBC’s Top Gear will never be the same again. It also means that Clarkson and his cohorts will—most likely—never be testing cars again on the famous Top Gear Test Track, the 1.75-mile loop at the old Dunsfold Aerodrome in the U.K.

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This is something Clarkson recently confirmed via Twitter.

“My last ever lap of the Top Gear track is done,” he said in a post. “Bit sad leaving the place for the final time.”

This being his final outing on the track, understandably Clarkson would have wanted something special to drive in. In an earlier Twitter post, we see a photo of him standing next to three impressive cars, a Mercedes-AMG GT, a Ferrari LaFerrari and a 488 GTB, along with the question: “What car should I use?”

We’re sure we’ll find out the answer to that question soon, most likely with video evidence thrown in. It should be a fun clip as Clarkson later said he managed one heck of a tail slide through the long Chicago right-hander. All fun aside, though, Clarkson also said his final run managed to raise a “load of cash” for a good cause.

Stay tuned for more.


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